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    Let’s face the facts. Accidents happen. If you or your family ever find yourselves in an accident, you deserve the confidence and peace of mind that comes with your vehicle being insured by a insurance company. With the use of our helpful tools at Insurance HQ such as our insurance calculators and insurance guides, you can find the lowest rate for insurance in your Ontario.

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    Looking to find the lowest rates for insurance in Ontario, Canada? Insurance HQ is your home for finding Ontario insurance quotes. Find the lowest rates possible in your area with our all-inclusive insurance guides and insurance calculators. One of our skilled associates would be happy to assist you in finding some of the lowest insurance available in Ontario, Canada. Get your car insurance quote today.

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    To become a driver in Ontario, you must follow the province’s graduated licensing process, which involves three tests and three licensing levels. The process takes between 20 months and five years, depending on how motivated you are to move through the necessary steps.

    The second step in the process is obtaining a G2 license. By qualifying for a G2, you’ll become eligible to drive independently – an exciting milestone for new drivers. With this newfound freedom comes a great deal of responsibility, which is why all drivers must pass a comprehensive road test to prove they can be trusted behind the wheel.